Monday, June 04, 2007

Olympic Logo.

Here then is the 2012 Olympic logo. A mere snip at £400,000. Ain't it great to know your money is being spent so wisely? It's animated too. I believe it is supposed to be a cubist representation of a fat pink and naked John Prescott giving head to a similarly naked Tony Blair.


Anonymous said...

And presumably, as I live in London, some of my Council Tax went towards paying for it.

Anonymous said...

What's the image called, "Fractured Promise"?

I'm sure the 2012 Committee would call it's detractors negative, but when you get a bunch of middle-aged men saying they want to get down with the kids, you just know they'll end up looking a fool.

And this logo is testament to the fact: I've seen better work grafitti'd on the side of a Tube train.

Try this link:

The BBC ran a compo to find alternatives from the public - personally, I wish Lord Coe did this approach, for James Wren and Alex Chaplin's designs are just right: simple and minimalistic, yet convey exactly what it says on the tin!

Anonymous said...

We just need a picture of a pit with someone shoveling money into it.

Anonymous said...

My first comment on it (elsewhere) -

Each pink bit represents a pile coming out the ass of the Olympic committee that is the result of them sitting for long periods thinking of new and ever more shit ways to spend other peoples money.

Neal, have you seen the Paraolympic logo? I seriously thought it was a joke. I would like to formally enter it for the Turner prize.

Anonymous said...


that took long didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Numerous piss takes of this logo: cubist figures giving blow-jobs or shagging each other (like the one just above). Now we discover that the website/TV animation causes epileptic fits. So just what was that £400,000 spent on?