Friday, February 26, 2016

Time for Another Video Clip

Here's an old one from 2011. Time now for another one so, if you have questions you would like to see me answering in a video clip please post them below.

One question thus far from FB (I must keep track so I'll put them here):

Jessie Grey Have you ever considered a Polity based work that is more of a survival, exploration epic or disaster based? I love the wars, don't get me wrong


Bsport said...

Q. Have you thought about doing a new short story collection?

Brian said...

Any plans to have the Agent Cormac series turned into episodic tv or movies?

Friso said...

How did your idea of Polity drones evolve over time? I remember a scene in one of the earlier books, where an AI ship is following the path of Trafalgar out of the Polity, running into an abandoned drone. The way that drone was described as a fairly primitive machine with limited intelligence, jarred a bit on rereading with the fully formed drones that are introduced in Prador Moon.

Alex said...

I am not sure if I missed this somewhere in your plethora of writing, but what was it that originally stopped the Jain technology from taking over the entire galaxy?