Saturday, February 06, 2021

Who Reads my Books? Brendon Kelly

I’m pushing 50, born and raised in New Zealand, and still live here in the capital, Wellington, with my wife and two kids - 11 and 13. I’ve lived in England twice for 4 years and I enjoyed it very much - especially the exchange rate bringing all that cash back to NZ.

I got into Sci-Fi reading at the age of 18 when I picked up Greg Bear’s Eon and couldn’t put it down.  I got back into reading when I was in my 30’s mainly on the long commutes into London from Betchworth in Surrey.

My main hobby is wood work. I tend to get grumpy if I haven’t made something in a while. My current project is a Wooden Road bike frame made from laminated American Ash and Australian Jarrah.  

I first got into your books when I found Gridlinked, I quickly bought everything you wrote on my kindle and read them, multiple times.  Gaps between your books are torture so I tend to read around with other authors during the wait...I feel dirty...

My job is a Lead Engineer, whatever that means, in the Data and Analytics area for a bank. It pays the bills but I’d rather be in my workshop building something or working some land somewhere growing food.  

That’s me.

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