Friday, February 12, 2021

Who Reads my Books? Scott Steensma

Hello Neal, I saw your post about who reads your books, and seeing as I just finished The Soldier... Anyway, I'm Scott Steensma, Australian Librarian living in Melbourne, and I started with Prador Moon, then on to the Cormac novels, and now I'm working though your other works. I'm a big SF fan (Both books and tv/films), a keen hiker,  and I occasionally dabble in writing a bit of SF too. I review everything I read at and as you can see there I've really enjoyed your work. The Soldier was a hell of a lot of fun btw :) 

I will send a pic through this evening when I get home. Otherwise, I'm a big boardgamer- Terraforming Mars played over steam pretty much got me though the six month lockdown we had here in Melbourne.


Ed Rybicki said...

Six month lockdown! Amateurs. We're into month 11 and counting...B-(

Scott Steensma said...

Oh, that's rough, Ed. There's no competing with that stretch of misery! We've just gone into a five day lockdown, but I can't really complain. There was only one extra case yesterday here, so we should be back to normal soon.