Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dystopia Myopia

Okay, back to a bit of blogging every day. There’s an interview with me over here at Worlds in Ink where I ramble on about The Departure and where you’ll find the blurb for Zero Point. I also make some comments about ebooks, but nothing ground-breaking because I’m still undecided about the various issues that arise from piracy and DRM. I would like to believe that without DRM piracy would act as publicity and result in more sales for me, but I’m afraid I have a low opinion of human nature. Then again, this morning I got paid $40 by a reader who emailed me earlier in the week with this:

I need to send you some money, I "ahem" got your books at the library, and they are all fucking brilliant.

…so perhaps I shouldn’t be such a cynic?


What else? Oh yeah, we’ve had two democratically elected leaders ousted and replaced by ‘technocrats’. We now we have the BMA pushing the government to ban smoking in cars and doubtless the government will bow to this then to the later total ban on smoking i.e. your car will not be your own and later your house won’t be. Another one is the idea that unless you opt out your organs will automatically go for donation, so your body belongs to the government too. How long before you are legally obliged to keep that government property in top-notch condition? All of these are putting more power into the hands of the state, taking away our freedoms, and examples of how we move ever closer to the world of The Departure. As for the BMA, I think Underdogs Bite Upwards covers that organization in a recent post:

What is the point of going through medical school if you end up being less reliable in your diagnoses and advice than a rune-casting Druid? Alcohol units recommendations are made-up numbers. Five-a-day is a made-up number. Second hand smoke is entirely lies and third-hand smoke is beyond derisory from a profession that calls homeopathy bunkum. There is no science behind any of it. It is personal prejudice based on spite and malice and what is now called 'science' and the utter morons who now make up our government accept it all. The exclusion and demonization of huge tracts of the population is justified on the basis of... nothing.


I’m currently working through the Peter Lavery edits of Zero Point and finding that he hasn’t been quite so demonic in his application of his ‘scary pencil’. He tells me that this is because it doesn’t require so much editing, so hopefully this means I have learnt something from him over the last ten years.

Right, an hour of learning Greek now, then shopping, then back to work.


Chrish said...

'I need to send you some money, I "ahem" got your books at the library, and they are all fucking brilliant.'

Now isn't that lovely! Yes, you should be less cynic, better for your health ;)

Neal Asher said...

Being less 'angry' would be better for my health, being less of a cynic probably wouldn't work because then I would be lying to myself.

GraemeGRFinch said...

I find it's very difficult to be less angry about certain things. Things like big corporate’s outsourcing stuff to India in the name of cost savings and efficiency... gas prices don't go down, computers aren't cheaper, my BT bill is the same, Enterprise IT support is a shambles... those fuckers aren't that efficient... am I the only person who is suffering, is it a problem with me?

It makes me angry, really really angry, and every few days or so having been run round in circles, repeated myself a millions times and had that pain in the side of my head, that I think will one day result in the contents of my skull despoiling some poor innocent bystander as my head literally explodes; I think to myself, you need to let it ride, fuckit why stress? Your only a tooth on a cog, in a machine with many cogs and many teeth. And then I remember... If I stop giving a fuck, and you stop giving a fuck, then those fuckers that ain't that efficient in the first place will think they are doing a good job and they'll become complacent.

And then I get angry, really really angry, same applies to politicians and their bullshit, bankers and their greed. How did we advance so far technologically and yet get so stupid at the same time?

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

i got The Skinner from a library after an SFSite review, bought it after that. then bought what i could find in the U.S. by hitting bookshops including double Skinner copies... then received freebies from your company from contest winning.

this is a pyramid scheme more straightforward than Gabbleduck body structures. i gotta say my life is wonderful if the news stays off.

by the way...