Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mass-Market USA Brass Man

Blimey, it seems they are now printing or reprinting mass-market copies of Brass Man in the USA, which means I get my free books. This is great, I really love free books, but what the hell do I do with them? And how much longer before my loft collapses on top of us one evening? I guess I could try selling them as signed copies over the Internet. Mmm, perhaps it’s time to put up a list again of what I have available…

And here, of course, is a blog post demonstrating how I am trying to escape the mind-numbing tedium of editing. However, I should not complain! Because there’s a danger here of me turning into one of those effete writer pricks who complains about how he suffers for is art and how it is all such a terrible trial.

What I need to firmly plant in my mind is grafting all day digging a foundation hole in clay, for £30; strimming round trees and, because I was wearing goggles only and not a full-face visor, discovering what dog shit tastes like; pulling off a glove, after foolishly trying to reposition a running mower deck, and seeing the end of my finger split open and the bone frayed like a paint brush; never seeing the sunlight for most of the winter working in a machine shop, and perpetually stinking of coolant oil … I’ll stop there, you get the idea.

So, back to editing with joy in my heart!


Graeme. said...

Butter mountains.
Milk lakes.
Book ..blank.. ?

Takes me back to a conversation on here a while ago, about writers setting themselves up as brands.
Would it be so bad if you sold signed books ?
Maybe for a tenner extra, you can get a personalized message ?
Maybe for 50 quid you get a bit of a story that you started but never got around to finishing ?

I for one was drooling at the prizes for the bookmarks competition – just a shame I SUCK at Photoshop lol.

Book forests ?

Neal Asher said...

No, I wouldn't charge extra for a signature - bit mean. I will get round to putting up a list of books available at some point. My ony problem is having to get up there and catalogue new arrivals.

Hey, if anyone wants a signed copy of anything (prior to The Departure) get in contact and ask, then I can check.

Huan said...

Just out of interest, what does dogshit taste like?
I have done some shit jobs myself but nothing quite as visceral as that!

Neal Asher said...

Some background, Huan: the thing about grass verges and council grass areas in villages, you discover, when strimming, is that a lot of pets tend to crap next to trees. I had some of that delightful substance spatter on my teeth. I tastes, Huan, like dog shit.

GraemeGRFinch said...

Don't be a nob. Run a christmas competition, and give some away as prizes. Signed of course:

Happy Christmas (though not necessarily in the religious sense, but you know what I mean) loyal reader and fan, may all your interstellar dreams come true.

PS: Nob is todays abusive term of the day.

Neal Asher said...

I always thought it would be a good one to put on census forms.
NOB - none of your business.

Neil said...

I've always wondered, why they send you soooo many books. Hell it's not like you don't know the story.

Neal Asher said...

It's in the contract, Neil: 10 hardbacks on first release, then 20 paperbacks a year later when the mass-market paperback comes out.In my case the hardbacks go to family and friends but the paperbacks linger. I then get foreign editions: between 2 or 3 and maybe 10 when I only really need 1. Tor US send me the 10 & 20 of my British contract on top.

If you're a book every two or three years kind of writer then that'a probably okay. Since through Macmillan I've done about 15 books in 11 years (I think) I've built up a bit of a backlog.

Pictures later, I think, and then anyone who wants to buy a signed copy of something can email me.

stephen long said...

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Neal Asher said...

Sorry, Stephen, I've no idea what you're on about.