Monday, November 28, 2011


It’s been quite surprising to read what those who have been buying books in the recent sale have been saying. Some of them read my books from the library and now want their own copies. Some bought them for kindle and now want the material thing. A few have thanked me for how open I am on my blog, and I am also ‘the man’ or ‘I rock’. And one of the killers is those who have worn out their copy of their favourite and now want a replacement. Also, actions speaking louder than words, I’m astounded how some American readers are quite happy to pay extraordinary postage.

It’s quite humbling to have become an indelible part of some people’s lives. I know what that means when I open up one of my collection and remember the reading pleasure. It is quite an honour to be in that position. Aw, I’m getting all soppy now. Thanks people!

Now, I need to have a rant about something…


Chrish said...

Don't say you are soppy because you are not, you just express your feelings (or is that too threatening for someone British? ;)
Ok, rant on!

Arj209 said...

I need to say how great the whole process of buying a book direct from you has been. You have answered all my emails within 10minutes and even replied when it was just to tell you about a spelling mistake. Thanks so much Neal. Can you post what you have left if any after a couple of weeks. Money permitting i will buy more.

Thanks again


Friso said...

I feel bad about my businesslike e-mails now:)

SharpMonkey said...

You're welcome, Neal. Thank you for the many years of consistently entertaining reading. I have enjoyed your books so much that these days I simply buy them because you wrote them. You earned that!

It will be a thrill to add personally inscribed editions of two of my favorite books (Skinner, Brass Man) to my Asher shelf.

Neal Asher said...

There you go, Chris - it's the uptight Englishman in me. Then again, when I say it I mean it. I've seen plenty of other nationalities (and I don't mean you)who seem sincere in their protestations of their feelings, but whose feelings change on a daily basis.

I haven't yet run out of anything on the list, Rob, though the Gridlinked and Skinner hardbacks are getting whittled down. And tell your brother to stop burrowing...

Don't sweat it, Friso. If you're buying the books it certainly means you like them!

Thanks John. 'Consistently entertaining' is music to my ears.

Thud said...

I promise never to say "you rock"

j purdie said...

I'd like to second the comments of Arj209 on the wonderful way you handled the book buying process. Very friendly and helpful. Even more impressive considering you were probably dealing with dozens of other people at the same time.

I've only been reading your work for a couple of years but I have been very impressed by the consistent high quality of it and I've enjoyed everything of yours I've read (maybe some more than others but I've always finished your books - and I'm the sort of reader who can dump a book at any excuse.)

I haven't read everything yet but it's an aim of mine to get and read all your work.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

listen to this rant. some great piles of steamy pots of shit to hold your nose away from, here:

Graeme. said...

Stiff upper lip and all that.

Ditto to the above comments.

I'm not a prolific reader, but picking up a copy of Hildiggers at an airport a few years ago opened up a new world to me. Thanks.

Andrew said...

I agree, you were very good with the replies.

We had an email conversation whilst I was in the Costco at Thurrock on a Saturday morning.

My wife, whilst rolling her eyes, asked me why I was messing around with my phone and could I get back to picking up the bumper pack of chopped tomatoes.

I told her that if Jeffery Deaver emailed her she would probably stop what she was doing and reply too.

Thanks for selling the books to me, I'll let you know when I receive them.