Friday, November 11, 2011

Get those Tobacco Seeds in.

The future of The Departure is closer than you think. Take for example this little wheeze (excuse the pun) suggested by Simon Chapman in that hotbed of totalitarianism, Australia. Now, maybe you don't agree with smoking, but remember that where the anti-smokers lead the anti-alcohol, fat, sugar (name your poison) brigade follow:

Under the proposal, a license would give the smoker a right to a limited quota of tobacco supply, say 10 cigarettes a day or 20 cigarettes a day and so on. There is a fee payable to government to give the consumer the right to use tobacco. The more tobacco the license holder pre‑commits to smoke, the higher the license fee involved.

Under the licensing plan consumers would be asked to pass a test, 'not dissimilar to a driving test' Chapman stated, to qualify for a right to receive a license to legally purchase tobacco.

Based on the questionable notion that smokers lack an awareness of at least three decades of heavily publicised research about health problems that smoking causes, the government would see itself fit to decide for the smoker the amount of cigarettes he or she is allowed to smoke.

Read this guys additional comments below as well. Coming your way soon: a licence to fart.


Yagiz said...

There's so much money in it that no government wants to ban it completely. But it is going to come to that, eventually. And tobacco is not the same with alcohol, which is "good for you" when consumed in moderation.

Huan said...

Don't worry they already grow tobacco in OZ.
Homegrown stuff is called Chop and I am reliably informed is pretty strong/rough stuff.
You can buy shredders and all kinds of machinery to make tobacco just like the stuff you used to be able to buy.

Neal Asher said...

Don't kid yourself, Yagiz. It depends how the bansturbators twist it. We've already heard from 'health professionals' that there's 'no safe dose' of alcohol.
Check out the Nutt here:
Also check my previous post about 'linear no threshold hypothesis'.

Huan, when I grew some tobacco I did have a problem finding a decent (and cheap) shredder. I gave up on growing the stuff because on Crete you need a licence (if it moves tax it) but I'll probably ignore that and have another go. The cigars I made tasted pretty good.