Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Art Competition (ReConditioned??)

I going to start a new art competition very soon. Any suggestions on how to run it? Like where pictures can be uploaded to and the like? I don't want to publish my email (though anyone with a bit of common sense should be able to work it out) and I don't want to lose track of what is submitted. Ideas please!

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packrat54 said...

Try having submitters use "". Sort of a common ftp site service for free. Then you can pick up the images at your leisure.

Andy said...

Another option is to set up a free email account from someone like google, yahoo or MSN.

Djehuty said...

What about over facebook? Or perhaps a forum devoted to this?

Bob Lock said...

Why not open a Photobucket account for a Group Album? I think you can allow friends to add their images to it.