Wednesday, December 09, 2009


-->So, we have solar storms stirring up the sun and knocking out electrical equipment here on Earth; the MOD satellite set to watch this activity is downloading image files from the future, offering clues to future crimes or disasters; we have debates about predestination, about the consequences of tampering with the timeline; we have speculation about where this information is coming from, like via a black hole, or god, and all this is wrapped up in an exciting police procedural. But it’s not science fiction apparently, well, according to Tamzin Outhwaite:

"Initially I thought it was a sci-fi project. Then I read the script and realised it wasn't. It's about police officers trying to work out whether there is a worm hole between two time zones."

Ahem, a ‘worm-hole between two time zones’, need I go on? It’s always been fairly plain that many of the good people in the acting profession are a bit thick, but this one is right up there with a certain large comedienne’s statement, during a program about ‘the 100 best books’ that she doesn’t like science fiction, thereafter listing her favourites, like 1984. SFX notes that Tamzin Outhwaite ‘joins an esteemed list of actors in abject self-denial about appearing in sci-fi’ and doubtless David Langford will have something to say about this in his next Ansible (well-worth getting by email).

From my dictionary:

Paradox 1. a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement...

You gotta chuckle.


Michael Stone said...

Ha, that's got to be the best one yet. Funny how some peeps will walk barefoot over broken glass before they'll admit to any connection with sf. It's less funny though when authors do it, like Goodkind denying he writes fantasy his US Today interview. That irked me a bit. Well,more than a bit of I'm being honest.

Afront said...

I watched the first episode of Paradox and did indeed chuckle. At how dreadful the plot, dialogue, and acting were. I had such high hopes for this "new BBC sci-fi drama" but was bitterly disappointed.

Stargate Universe on the other hand is quite literally in a different galaxy: I think it's the only must-see SF currently on.

Martin Sommerfeld said...

SG:U is indeed worth watching, Robert Carlyle alone guarantees a certain quality. And while there certainly are some one-dimensional characters (or at least they seem that way to this point) and the overall concept isn't exactly new, I never really wanted to yell at the screen... so, that's something. I think they also got the atmosphere right.

No idea how much of the good stuff is because of it, but John Scalzi is some kind of consultant there.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

sci fi implies shit shown on the sci fi channel. if you want to be associated with star trek the next soap generation of funny noses and their pals, then you speak klingon to doctor who figurines during lunch breaks. tv sci fi=ultimate public humiliation of the genre.

however if Stargate U is good then i will prob watch it. Asher fans often have a taste for ultra violence and horror of the terrible kind, so i'm sure there's a ton of that.

the only tv i watch right now (if anyone cares) Eastbound and Down (violent comedy), Metalocalypse (violent comedy), Venture Brothers (johnny quest comedy), and Dexter (violent comedy).

Inchy said...

I've tried with this show, I really have. Mostly because Tasmania Postlethwaite is a bit of older crumpet I have to admit, but the trailer made it look fairly decent.

How I laughed when it turned out to be like a low budget X files, and that was crap too!

SG:U is fine, when it stops trying to be deep and meaningful and just gets on with good old fashioned aliens and action.

Neal Asher said...

Michael, that's been a bugbear of mine for a long time. I have an extreme dislike of those 'literary' SF writers who go cap-in-hand to the mainstream to say, "I'm not writing that SF nonsense, please notice me!"

Afront, I still have high hopes for it, but if it remains just an SF vehicle for cop plots then it'll just go nowhere.

Martin, I didn't know Robert Carlyle was in it. Worth a watch. I did, however read about Scalzi being involved (in his Whatever blog), which is promising.

Vaude, absolutely love Dexter.

Neal Asher said...

"good old fashioned aliens and action" sounds about right for me Inchy.