Thursday, December 31, 2009

Books books books

Just done a massive sort-out of my own books up in the loft. All sorts of things coming to light: trade paperback Night Shade editions of Cowl; Book Club (USA) editions of Brass Man, Gridlinked, The Skinner; plenty of 1st edition mass-market paperbacks of all my latest books, a quantity of 1st editionn hardbacks (USA) of Gridlinked & The Skinner... I've also noticed odd things, like I never received my copies of the mass-market paperback of The Gabble from Macmillan.

Very shortly I'll be putting a list of those books up here, so if anyone wants copies of them, signed, they can get in contact. It'll be cover price plus postage.


vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

,like I never received my copies of the mass-market paperback of The Gabble from Macmillan.

they'll send ya one, just enter the drawing contest next time.

Mark T Croucher said...

Can I please reserve the following.

The Parasite (1996)
Mason's Rats (1999)
Mindgames: Fool's Mate (1992)
The Engineer (1998)
Runcible Tales (1999)

Anything on these most appreciated as I am sure you are holding all the remaining copies to supplement you vast e-bay distribution network. (Please don't sue me!)

bascule said...

Please can we request 2 "Skinner" firsts for 2 birthday pressies?

One mine and one for my teenage step-daughter who is your latest (5th) fan in our house of 6. T'other is into Death Metal and doesn't read much.

AngryMurloc said...

Could I also procure a copy of the Skinner? Not for any birthdays or anything, just pure selfish want :D

Neal Asher said...

Mark, Sorry, but those are precisely the ones that I don't have. As for Runcible Tales, that can still be bought from 'Piper's Ash' which you should be able to find with a quick google.

Peter & Bascule, I have USA hardbacks of The Skinner, both Tor US and Book Club (the latter is just a smaller version), also three 2nd edition trade paperbacks (British). Contact me at ndotasheratvirgindotnet.

Andy said...

Ohhh, signed copy of Gridlinked please :)