Saturday, December 05, 2009

Neal Asher Video Clip 5/12/09

Take three on this clip, not so much due to the mistakes I was making but because of the clicking sounds I kept making with my mouth in the pauses. It's only by doing something like this that you start seeing all your own annoying mannerisms. I hope you enjoy it!


vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

drinking on the job...

Kirby Uber said...

oh my. i do that too. the pause click. constantly. eesh. ;p

Kirby Uber said...

;p i;ll keep asking about mason's rats until it happens. ;p

Neal Asher said...

Drinking water to stop my mouth drying out, Vaude.

It is annoying, Kirby. I'm also guessing that whilst I do it on these clips I probably don't do it in general conversation. Nerves, and thinking time. Hopefully I'll get better.

Inchy said...

I'd like a bit more professionalism next time, Mr Asher sir. A suit and tie, a nice backdrop, perhaps a nice cravat and a snifter of brandy.
Image is everything after all!

Neal Asher said...

Inchy, well there was a very nice glass of Hardy's just off-camera.

Nah, you'll get my image. Shame my rollie had gone out else I could have taken a few puffs on that between times.

chrisheli said...

Well, that was interesting.
I can heartily agree with you on Gibson's Nova War and the previous Stealing Light. Ballantyne's Twisted metal left me a little cold , with such an obvious denoument, but it still left me wanting more.
By the by, you've probably said before but why did you leave Blighty and is it permanent?
Please keep up the odd rant, it shows you're alive!

Neal Asher said...

Chrisheli, we live eight months in Crete and four months here, so I haven't actually left. The simple point about writing books as a profession is that you can do it anywhere. I choose a place where a temperature of 26 during the summer is considered cold.

Inchy said...

Thanks Neal, I feel much better for knowing that. I spent 15 minutes scraping ice off the car windows this morning.

Alexander Kruel said...

You are right, it was a pretty mean question. Haven't thought about it too much.

You answered my question elaborately. Thanks.

I also agree with you. We all need money to start with. That is if you are not looking forward to a new career as martyr.
However, we have another option these days. You can argue in favor of your opinion, criticize and rant. The Internet allows you to have more than just one anonymous/stealth identity.

By the way, was that a smile right before you addressed my question? You almost got to pronounce my nickname as I intended it when I was much younger. It's supposed to be a hard X. Anyway, my last real surname Kruel is really pronounced as the English cruel.

I hope you are going to do another question round. I got a nice one :-)

Bob Lock said...

Neal, you really need a coaster to put that glass of vodka on, the banging was scaring my dogs.
Thanks for the answer. I didn't realise you had so much of the series already written. Seems a pity not have it published.
Re:books you are reading, I'm about halfway through Kings' Under The Dome, which is a damn good read. However, it is making me so angry that I'm finding it hard to put down and go off to sleep (I read in bed) Kings' writing is very manipulative with this one, the baddies are getting away with so much and the heroes are pretty useless. However, I just hope they all get their comeuppance shortly. It is similar in ways to Lord Of The Flies, portraying what happens when civilisation breaks down and the strongest, by force of arms and cruelty, are allowed free reign.
I read Twisted Metal on your advice, enjoyed it. Might take a look at Kirby's recommendation too.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

Harlan Ellison made a career for himself being an opinionated grouch (even if off base sometimes it's a good read). you might have to throw your gristle into the machines of Hollywood for a while to get to that outspoken bitchy point... and maybe shorten yourself by a meter or two.

Jebel Krong said...

awesomesauce - thanks neal. tbh i think you're doing well getting used to the camera and juggling reading/drinking and answering questions! :p

as for the beer - it's a deal!