Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bob Lock's Daughter

I picked up on this on Facebook and Bob emailed me too. I found it difficult to think of a reply that didn't sound trite. I don't know how a parent gets over something like this, but then many do, they have to.
Fucking cancer.


Chrish said...

In my experience it does not matter what you say, the main thing is that you give a reaction. Just express your deepest sympathy and wish them all the strenght in the world, that really is enough, more than ever it's the thought that counts. And after all, you are a serious, you can only do one thing wrong and that is give no reaction at all.

Phil M said...

The world is not fair, you should never outlive your children.
My deepest sympathies to Bob and his family

Unknown said...

No parent should endure a nightmare like this. My sympathies to Mr Lock.

Chrish said...

Sorry, forgot one thing, you use the word trite, under these circumstances well meant words are never trite imho