Friday, March 11, 2011

Translation Rights for Orbus.

The translator of my books in the Czecho Republic, Petr Kotrle, was rather gloomy about the publishing situation there since the Czech government has now decided to charge 20% VAT on books - like all governments their solution to money problems is more tax. This is rather like a leech attached to a host almost drained of blood deciding that the best thing to do now is suck harder.

Anyway it's nice to hear that the translation rights for Orbus have been bought by the Czech publisher Polaris. I'm hoping that Polaris buying Orbus is a good sign...

Now, I really must tot up which of my books are translated where. I'm starting to lose track.


Friso said...

Any idea whether the Dutch translation rights have been bought?

Neal Asher said...

No, they haven't. In fact I've now got the full list of what's translated where, which I'll put up later.

The Kat said...

A tax issue we actually agree on here, books should not incur VAT!

Although I would point out that raising revenue is a perfectly valid way to deal with a budget deficit, (that's how I've dealt with it 2nd job). Circumstances (,ideology) and impact decide if its appropriate or not.

Surveyor_cz said...

The trouble is they do not know what to do, the Powers that be. After many discussions and a petition signed by more than 100 000 in a week, the result seems to be 17,5 per cent VAT on everything, to help the pension system. Not much better news for the publishers, in a country that claims it is proud on its culture.
Please, one small correction, Neal, Czech Republic, not Czechoslovakia - so that we do not irritate our Slovak cousins, many of whom read your books in Czech translations. (They have their own bad experience with 20 per cent VAT on books.)

Neal Asher said...

Except, Kat, that raising revenue kills the businesses that generate the revenue. Parasite government needs to learn that it is nothing without its host.

Surveyor_cz, okay, I'll change that, but then it's probably the kind of mistake made worldwide by people who don't understand the difference between English and British.

The powers that be always know how to spend money and are surpassingly good at pissing it up the wall. As to generating wealth, they haven't got a fucking clue.