Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jesper Krogsgaard otherwise known as Xanares, whose site you can find here, has come up with this cool 'flash carousel'. These are works in progress so maybe check later for updates.

Now this is certainly something I want on my Virgin website, when I finally get round to doing something about it (I used to use Frontpage but that's gone now I have a new computer).


Xanares said...

Early beta!! Please note the flash app needs quite a few changes still.. and the menu design is not proper sci-fi yet.

Changed the categories a bit, so now it's more aligned with Neal's idea of the books.

Any comments welcome by the way.

Disco Stu said...

If you get your mouse point just right it stops moving.

Not a complaint - just to see if I could.

Xanares said...

Stu: Yea that's a feature, so you can single in on the cover you want to click on without having to follow it around. I guess there could be a timer for restarting it, if the mouse is idle for x seconds.. not sure it's worth it though.

Fader209 said...

Really liking your site so far Jesper, especially the fade effect when clicking between pages.
Nice touch!
What you using to make your site? I'm trying to get to grips with Dreamweaver for mine and am so far unsuccessful >.<

Don't know if you read my bio on here a couple of months back but I'm trying to get into the graphic designer/artist business at the moment and it would be great to hear from someone like yourself who has made it.


Xanares said...

Andy/Fader: Thank you! :-)

I've just been using html-kit for all html/css/js, nothing fancy. The fade you see is Flash though - the entire background is in flash, although it's not easy to see (I hope).

This means I can animate (on) the background or make it change to other images etc. Actually my plan is to have subtle movements on it from spaceships coming and going.

I'll check the bio, as I'm not sure I did see it. I'm not in the design/artist business personally as much as the programmer and software design side of things. I do have a lot of dealings with graphic artists and designers though, on a daily basis.

Will read up on your bio and post here, if I have anything to add.
In any case, keep wrestling with the stuff that is hard to do - that's the only way.

Unknown said...

Real nice one. It works smoothly in my ancient notebook (that surprised me) and has a good balance of eye-candy and functionality.

Xanares said...

Thank you Nuno! Happy to hear it looks good and runs smooth on your laptop. That's a very important indicator of a flash job not terrible badly done I hope! :-)

Andy, I re-read your bio on the blog. Remember reading it. I hope you make it and reach the goals you want to reach.

Re. programming web-pages in Dreamweaver or other, you have reached a place where a whole lot of designers I know also had incredible trouble and most quit that road. They either turn to flash, wordpress, etc or ally themselves with a programmer.

I don't say this to take your programming fighting spirit away from you! If you get into it, you will gain a valuable skill, but you might also become disillusioned and annoyed. Question is whether you will be better of honing the skills you already have in design/art.

One designer I know remade his site recently using Adobe Flex. You can see it here:

Fader209 said...

Thanks for the advice Jesper. It really does help to hear others have struggled with Dreamweaver and it wasn't just me being a newbie!
I'll still struggle on with it as I felt I was fairly close to beating it before but going about it from a different method should remedy the problem.
It was as soon as I added content to the basic template design that it exploded and split apart my backgrounds etc. Anyway, always learning!

I may go for Wordpress for now until the proper site is up and running so I at least have a site to point people to other than Deviantart.
And like you say, it's all about practice and honing skills all the time with design. I know I do need to branch out into different styles as I find myself always doing cartoony designs lol.