Friday, March 25, 2011

Orbus - Review

Nice review of Orbus over here at Fantasy Book Review from Pippa Jay.

When I wrote my first Asher review on The Gabble, I said I wouldn’t swear to be an eternal fan of Neal Asher. I have to retract part of that statement, and until the advent of Polity golems for me to upload my brain to, that means I’m a fan. There, said it.

I really enjoyed Orbus. I’ve read reviews that say the main character is weak, but I can’t say I got that impression at all. Asher hooked me from the very beginning with this book, with the snippy dialogue between the two drones stowed away on an AI ship with a steampunk design to the sardonic interplay between Old Captain Orbus and his creepy but aptly named fellow crew member Drooble.

‘I don’t like your name … it sounds like a blend between dribble and droopy … it’s a silly name.’

Orbus on the Book Depository (free international shipping), Amazon and Kindle.


Jebel Krong said...

what i really liked about orbus (apart from seeing how the "other half live" so to speak) was the prador king's reveal *SPOILER* that the polity AIs had told him to "deal with it or they would" (paraphrasing, obviously) *END SPOILER*, which i thought added a whole extra dimension to both sides.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the *spoiler* tag. As I'm writing this, I'm still struggling to avert my eyes from your lines! :))

Neal Asher said...

Best I not talk about that with you, Jebel, and thus extend the spoiler!

It's not really much of a spoiler anyway, Nuno, unless you know the context ... but keep thine eyes averted!

Jay said...

Probably my fav next to Brass Man for similar reasons to Jebel.

Pip Green said...

Thanks for the mention. :)