Friday, March 25, 2011

Gabble on Io9

And here's a mention of The Gabble on Io9.

Asher's monster-packed, politically-savvy novels mostly take place in "the Polity," his interstellar civilization. He's dealt with everything from time travel to AI in books like Gridlinked and Line War, and this new short story collection promises to bring you a satisfying dose of Polity monsters and machinations.

The Gabble on the Book Depository (free shipping), Amazon and Kindle.

Update: I also see that Jon Sullivan gets a deserved mention too.


Arth said...

Would a story on the beginnings of the Polity be a short story or would it be a novel / novels?

I would personally prefer a trilogy released at the same time (nothing more annoying than having to wait for the next one!!!)

Neal Asher said...

Where does the Polity begin? When the first caveman banged a couple of rocks together? Maybe the 'Quiet War' when the AIs took over, which would certainly be worth a book or two, if someone hadn't already used the title...

I know the feeling about trilogies, etc. Reading Blood and Iron and trying to remember the previous book.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

hope Jon Sullivan gets more and more attention in years to come. there are so many crummy sf covers out there. maybe he can take another crack at the mouth of a hooder one day.

also some other good nasties on 109:

Trevor Schmidt said...

I really like that cover, well done.