Saturday, March 26, 2011

Orbus Review - Bob Lock

Bob has found a review of Orbus he didn't get round to posting until now, which is pretty understandable considering the shit time he's been having. I have to add, Bob, in reply to that 'horrible slurry of blood, flesh and bones' ... ahem, that's what you do get (or, alternatively, get your tongue out of your cheek!)...

Browsing Neal Asher’s blog I noticed a review he’d posted of his novel Orbus and remembered I had also done a review when it was first published but never posted it on my blog, so here it is.
Ok, get the following ingredients: someone who’s been an engineer, a barman, a skip lorry driver, a coalman, a boat window manufacturer, a contract grass cutter and a builder, then mix them all together and you should have... Neal Asher, science fiction novelist.

I gave it a try and all I ended up with was this horrible slurry of blood, flesh and bones, I must be doing it wrong...

Orbus on the Book Depository (free international shipping), Amazon and Kindle.

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