Saturday, January 02, 2010


Right, I have been procrastinating about this but Robert A. McGregor (whose picture here of a gabbleduck took one of the runners up prizes) has shoved me into motion by providing a forum to which the artwork can be posted, and where it can also be discussed. Quite appropriately, I think, he's called it Subminds.

You can find Subminds here.

So what's this competition about? I want to see pictures of scenes and characters from my books - characters including all the weird and wonderful life-forms, the drones, AIs, Golem, whatever takes your fancy.

What do you win? Jon Sullivan, who is the excellent artist presently producing my covers for Macmillan, has suggested signed prints of those same covers, and there'll be signed copies of the latest book pubilshed by Macmillan too. Sorry to be vague about this, but we've yet to sort out precisely what will be on offer, and maybe we'll be able to sort out some more goodies. Also, you get your art out there - you get to advertise your skill. Mr Sullivan will also be the judge of this competition, so take a look at his website to get some idea of who will be judging you.

The duration of the competition will be one year - the winner and runners-up selected by January 2011.

Get drawing and painting!

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vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

speaking of creatures fyi: after the cliche ewok-blue @ ferngully "Avaturd" military fetish gone aliens 2 blowflub, i was browsing online to see if Wayne Barlowe did the creatures, & guess what?:

JC of M.
this director does animation stuff so....who knows. i hate all his other crap (except sound design on some of these)(which wont save a kids film for a really picky jerk like me).

would like to see Barlowe's take on the Gabbleduck as he has been doing those double limbed/ multi armed guys for a while. tharps?