Saturday, January 09, 2010

Winter Scenes.

The view out the back out our house now, what with the temperature climbing to a balmy 0.8 degrees, and Caroline's method of dealing with it all.


Mark T Croucher said...

I reckon those are your legs Neal, so that's what you spent your last advance on, is it?

Adele said...

There is nothing wrong with ridiculous slippers in this weather. :)

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

speaking of whitescapes and ridiculous slipper fights.......


brutal slow death along the lines of Calvaire. really just expected talking heads and some moon shots. about 5 chaff minutes (Zowie loves his Space 1999 and Nostromo sets. well, truth be told, i did too)(sucker for nostalgia?). the Eno before and after science styled piano stuff didnt annoy me as much as i thought it would (first movie, dismissed) and one subtle editing flaw.
but this movie is tits up. blows away most bloato budget sf films out there. refers to Silent Running a little? and the use of the exacto knife probably to daddy Bowie's early career of a knife wielding ad agency cutman. this was everything i was hoping the Solaris films would be, but they both stank. you heard me.
the dream i had. will have to title it "I Wear Nothing, but the Shiv Between My Toe" was so terrifying im not sure i can write it down. all of the bones removed from one guy. aw forget it. think happy thoughts. rolling pin to get the kink out of my brow.