Monday, January 04, 2010

Book Sale

Here's a list of the books I have for sale, so it's the price you see below plus postage and packing. To the USA that's usually the price of the books again. In Britain postage and packing for a first class packet for one large hardback is about £3.50. I can be contacted at ndotasheratvirgindotnet. And, of course, I'll sign these and inscribe anything you want in them!

13 Gridlinked MMP 1st American £5.00
5   Gridlinked HB 1st American £17.00
6   Gridlinked HB 1st Book/Club £15.00

3   The Skinner TPB 2nd English
1   The Skinner HB 1st American £17.00
2   The Skinner HB 1st Book/Club £15.00

2   The Line of Polity MMP 1st English £7.99

18 Cowl MMP 1st English £7.99
9   Cowl MMP 1st American £5.00
12 Cowl TPB 1st American £9.50

9   Sable Keech MMP 1st English £7.99

5   Brass Man MMP 1st English £6.99
1   Brass Man TPB 1st English £12.99
17 Brass Man HB 1st Book/Club £15.00
6   Brass Man TPB 1st Tor £9.50

9   Polity Agent MMP 1st English £7.99

3   Hilldiggers MMP 1st English £7.99
12 Hilldiggers MMP 2nd English £7.99
8   Hilldiggers HB 1st English £17.99

11 Line War MMP 1st English £7.99

5 Shadow of the Scorpion TPB 1st English £11.99

12 Prador Moon MMP 1st English £6.99
6 Prador Moon HB 1st English £14.99
24 Prador Moon TPB 1st Nightshade £9.50


Neal Asher said...

Just to be clear. MMP= mass market paperback, HB= hardback, TPB= trade paperback (a paperback the size of a hardback).

Fogger said...

Damn shame - I just spent a bunch filling out my collection at the Book Depository. I'd have waited!

Neal Asher said...

Sorry about that Fogger - I only decided to sort out all this stuff recently.

GraemeGRFinch said...

Are you going to sign them? Maybe Neil Ashers loft sale collection, just for that personal touch.

Neal Asher said...

Of course I'm signing them! Perhaps I should have made that clearer in the original post.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

can you put hair samples with em and some "good for one beer with Neal" coupons on the title page featuring a hooder or tor buddy sketch?

they'll sell like polecat hotcakes!

Neal Asher said...

Okay, that's the two copies of Orbus gone.

No hair samples, Vaude - there's people out there with voodoo dolls.

jimbobalu said...


Why can't I find The Line of Polity in mass market paperback? I have just started reading your books and like them but if you want me to continue to buy and read your books they must be available. I checked all the online sellers and all I could find are used or too expensive editions.


Neal Asher said...

James, depends where you are. If you're in America then it isn't published there.

Go here to The Book Depository - free international shipping and 40% off at the moment:

Neal Asher said...

Of course I should have said that there's some left on this page!

Neal Asher said...

Oh, and the tlop there is the one with the super Jon Sullivan cover.

jimbobalu said...


Yes, I am in the USA. Why are some of your books not published here?

How do I order a book from you?


Neal Asher said...

James, that's a question better addressed to Tor US. If you want to order a book from me the email is at the bottom on the post these comments are on & payment is done through PayPal. Cost would be £7.99 plus postage and packing - probably almost the same price again.

Did you look at The Book Depository?

Andy said...

Received my order this morning despite the bad weather round these parts.

Thanks Neal.

_Lasar said...

My heart filled with glee when my signed copies arrived this morning. Thank you!

Tin man said...

Oh shoot. Am I too late to order a signed copy? Any chance you are heading to the Portland (oregon, USA) area?