Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Book Shelves

Here are some more book shelves. The first shelf comes from James Devine after a tidy up for which his wife is grateful. The second is from Andreas Stahlbock, who tells me, "It's now about ten and a half years since I bought that yellow paperback on the left by one more or less unknown author "Neal L. Asher". I'm glad I did." I'm glad he did too. Incidentally, there are books here I know some would kill for: The Parasite, Mindgames: Fool's Mate...



Kirby Uber said...

ah, but not mason's rats. ;p

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

if you just collect Asher (and McLeod and Hamilton) then uh...i guess i dont have a point. would like to see the whole collection of these folks.

guy from mars in here:
Juggalo Parking lot

Anonymous said...

Over Christmas I unloaded all my books from the boxes they were stored in (not that much, to be honest) and got photos of the lot. All I need to do now is get a couple of photos of the downstairs bookshelf and I'll let you know :)

GraemeGRFinch said...

I tend not not to collect, I read and keep for a bit, then take them down the charity shop or give them away.

Most books get at least two readings, notable exceptions; Sillmarilion three times so far, and being kept for ever, Brass Man as it was my first Asher, and I just loved Mr Crane and Anderson that's been on the train with me three times now. And the Lord of the Rings, gets rolled out at least once a year.

I just gave away Prador Moon to my brothers betrothed. Which is no good for your pocket Mr Asher unless she gets hooked and buys some of her own, however, I find that giving books away spreads to word a bit quicker.

Which in some way, deals with the "Death of SciFi" thing I've been seeing here.

I read the Godwhale again recently, that was given to me by my dad years ago, when I was reading Brass man a bloke I work with spotted it and gave me Gridlinked, and Line of Polity, I gave him The Voyage of the Sable Keech. You have to wonder about the percentage of books that get swapped around like this, that clearly can't be reflected in sales of any genre.

I think the Death Of Sci Fi shit is just the noise made by someone being paid by someone else to say something about something even if it amounts to nothing.

Neal Asher said...

Kirby, it might be concealed there.

Vaude, I'm sure more will be appearing. On that note I must get on to D, E & F of my own.

Mark, I look forward to it!

Graeme, I think it was on that Cory Doctorow vid that he said something, talking about distributing e-books for free, along the lines of: a writer's problem is not loss of sales that way, but more often obscurity. Same applies to the lending of books I suspect. You might not keep books, but I'm betting some you lend them to do, and thereafter go out and buy them to keep. said...

it was on that Cory Doctorow vid that he said something, talking about distributing e-books for free, along the lines of: a writer's problem is not loss of sales that way, but more often obscurity.

you need to put on your Jain wear and tour with that 2010 future Dave Bowman, rock alien from early star trek vocoder device. thats where the money is. let me know if you need booking. no pun intended.

any chance of getting a pic of the bookshelf at the charity you donate to Mark? just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Pics now up, but I suspect the first is the most relvant :)

EvilSoftwareDeveloper said...

No "Mason's Rats" on my shelf (the lower one). I couldn't get it - though I looked very early on...
Anyway I got the stories "Mason's Rats" in "Year's Best SF 11" and "Black Rat" and "Autotractor" in "The Solaris Book of New SF Vol. 2".
Anything missing?

I'm not a die-hard collector myself. I only keep the books I think I would read again. But so far the only novels I got around reading a second time were the first two Hitchhikers, Simmons' Hyperion series and a few from Clive Barker.

But I will...

Kirby Uber said...

nope, that covers them. 8)

still my favorite. ;p

RFYork said...


Pet peeve. Is it really so difficult to match nouns with verbs?

Here is another bookshelf. Here are more bookshelves.

I love your books. So much so that I buy them in the UK. Even though I'm at the far end of the US (Oregon).

Rick York

Neal Asher said...

Okay, you got me Rick - I'll change it. My excuse is I've got a cold and am banging out blogs quite fast and with little checking.

Neal Asher said...

wakeup, maybe if I murdered someone, that'd do it. No, I just keep climbing the ladder one step at a time; no big leaps and no big falls.

Mark, I would have bet good money that the second picture was going to be Hamilton. Are you putting these up on your blog?

Evil, yes, those are the three stories. There are no others, though many would like me to do more. Yes, I mean you Kirby!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, am I that predictable?!

Yep, will be putting them up there soon, just need to get the post sorted sometime today :)

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

man, you all are so organized with your books being on shelves and in order. i just found all my P section. a lot of it anyways.

youre gonna point and giggle once i locate all my sf stuff into a camera.

Mark T Croucher said...

I really could do mine now but I just realised that the shelves I built are shit and sagging like a bitch. Bloody crap conti-board. Also Alistair Reynolds is a bastard because his books are to big and don't fit after all my hard work. (wails mournfully and joins Neal in his cold, I've had mine since xmas eve and now fell slightly suicidal).

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

"Also Alistair Reynolds is a bastard because his books are to big and don't fit after all my hard work."

i get those huge suckers from the library. problem solved!

GraemeGRFinch said...

I hope so. I went through a phase of finishing reading a book and leaving it on the tube. I once finished one, placed it on the seat next to me and a few minutes later some dude got on picked it up, asked if it was mine, I just shook my head and he started at page one right there.

Quite a satisfying feeling.