Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Iron Scorpion.

Thanks to Martin Sommerfeld for sending me this. He tells me: Since you like to post new covers of your books in your blog, I included this high-res version I found online at It pales in comparison to Sullivan's work, but I still think the new line of covers for your German books is a huge improvement to the old ones before 2009.

They translated the title "Shadow of the Scorpion" as "The iron Scorpion", which sounds ok in German, but the literal translation would have worked too, so no idea why they changed it.


Alexander Kruel said...

Already pre-ordered it the other day:

Alexander Kruel said...

Here is more:

Scheduled publication date: 26.06.2010

EvilSoftwareDeveloper said...

Oh thee, remember the glory of the very first German Neal Asher publication (It's Gridlinked btw):


And the reason why there were black rectangles on it:


Strange... I actually never read one in German.