Friday, January 15, 2010

Death Worlds

I did like this:

Neal Asher's Polity novels feature two prominent Deathworlds: Masada, a low-oxygen world where just being outside without the proper gear is lethal enough, but it's inhabited by an ecology of nightmare creatures such as Hooders (giant millipedes armored like tanks, whose mouthparts literally disassemble you in tiny little pieces)...and the planet Spatterjay, an aquatic Death World where nobody knows how to swim because if you hit the water, chances are you're never coming back. Most creatures and humans on Spatterjay are infected with a symbiotic virus that gives them superhuman strength and that the local wildlife can eat you for longer.


Alexander Kruel said...

For some harsh contrast:

Though I really enjoyed The Skinner :-)

LarryS said...

Sounds fantastic!